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The parking management system software has reached its third generation. IT is new multitasking application system developed in ELVS CO Infocom Pvt Ltd. You can take the transaction received from a set of car parked at different places, or produce ticket and subscriber card from a single remote main point. It has user friendly graphical interface reporting and statics.
Parking Lot Management & Guidance system gives real time indication about free parking spaces available. The parking management software ties in with the Access control system like Automatic gates, barrier controls, ticketing systems etc. In order to offer parking management software, the facility owner need to focus on two main factors; first, they are required to identify their unique parking area requirements and second, strategies to earn the most from their parking resources. Because of the significant investment and involvement in parking management, most of the facility owners decide to expand their resources.
A Smart Parking Management System is an ideal solution to show unoccupied parking spaces and guide parkers to quickly park in no time. Typically installed at shopping malls, airports, hospitals, office buildings, residential communities, etc., SPMS is composed of an Ultrasonic Sensor, Bay LED Indicator, LED Display, Data Collector, Center Processor, Software & accessories.

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